Postgraduate Studies in Visual Arts

The postgraduate studies pathway begins after completion of the Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) degree, or acceptable equivalency. The intention in providing further opportunity for study is to fulfil two important needs in the visual arts disciplines: developing high-end skill and vocational proficiency, while growing academic and research expertise.

Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours (BVA Hons):

The Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours programme is intended to encourage advanced levels of creative and professional practice in the visual and design arts, whilst simultaneously emphasising academic integrity by building research engagement. The Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours acknowledges the existence of the individual disciplinary streams of Fashion and Textile Design, Fine Art, Graphic Design and Photography, but also develops the possible synergies between them.

Master of Arts in Visual Arts (MA VA)

At NQF level 9 (or the academic 5th year) five separate Master of Arts degrees provide opportunity for advanced research in specific discipline areas:

  • MA Fashion Design
  • MA Fine Art
  • MA Graphic Design
  • MA Photography
  • MA Textile Design

Graduates from visual arts (and liberal arts) programmes serve valuable roles in society by being practiced in the art of critical problem solving. Often the issues or ideas that students at this level of critical engagement are questioning, and consequently visualising, allow them to encompass blending and hybridisation in a non-linear fashion – resulting in unexpected creative solutions. Specifically the knotty problem, where social and cultural issues are difficult or seemingly impossible to solve, is the province of the Master’s graduate’s thinking space. As creative professionals they find themselves as artists, teachers, curators and entrepreneurs but also are acknowledged as valuable assets on the management and creative teams of companies who seek to solve, to all appearances, intractable problems.

Robyn Larkin’s Masters of Art in Photography Graduate Exhibition by Glenn Meyer ©2018

PhD in Visual Arts (is now available - please enquire)

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